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Statement Clarifying USM’s Position and Interactions with Manny’s cafe.

We feel that it is imperative to address inaccuracies in news reporting regarding United to Save the Mission (USM) and our negotiations with Manny's, the new cafe and assembly space on 16th and Valencia streets in the Mission. Our statement is intended to demystify potential misunderstandings that may have resulted from this reporting:

1) United to Save the Mission continues to meet with Manny's and is working to achieve with Manny’s the successful completion of a community-equity agreement that will help ensure Manny's is a place of inclusion and opportunity for our historically disenfranchised working-class neighbors.

2) Contrary to what has been reported by a local media source, an equity agreement proposal from United to Save the Mission has not yet been signed by Manny’s.

3) United to Save the Mission recognizes and respects the rights of community members to organize and protest against behaviors that they believe are harmful to the well-being of themselves and others, particularly the well-being of those who are most vulnerable.

4) United to Save the Mission denounces any behaviors that target anyone on the basis of their race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, immigration status, sex, gender identity, age or religion.

5) United to Save the Mission continues to meet and discuss the issues regarding Manny's with many people and parties in the Mission neighborhood, to ensure that, as best as possible, all voices are heard, included and respected as we attempt to conclude this equity agreement.



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